RydeUp Rewards Bikers!

We believe that our society needs to find new ways to
reduce C02-emissions, to lower overall traffic within cities
and to reward people, who actually try to reduce their ecological footprint.

Saving the Environment needs to make Fun!


RydeUp wants to reward you for every mile you ride your bike.

For every finished mile you will receive so called RydeUp-Coins, which you can exchange for exclusive benefits and discounts from our partners.

Support Ecological Companies!

Reduction of total emissions will only be possible, if we change our
consumption behaviour by purchasing more products from companies,
which also try to manage their resources as ecological as possible.

By offering you exclusive rewards, we want to establish substantial support
for modern companies, which follow our passion and ambition
to save our planet for future generations.

In addtion, we want to offer you the opportunity to donate your collected
RydeUp-Coins for charitable purposes and organizations.